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Punch Gym-Windsor, Ontario  -  Saturday 14 November at 10:30        
This is optional training for Cadets. Cadets must make arrangements for transportation to and from this event. Parents are welcome to attend. A sheet will be posted at the Corps for all those interested in attending, number are required.
Kettlebell training is rapidly growing in popularity amongst general fitness enthusiasts and athletes.
The kettlebell has been touted as the most effective, efficient piece of strength training equipment available. Proponents of kettlebell training suggest that it increases strength, power, speed, co-ordination as well as core stability. Some even claim that it can replace several different forms of training and is superior to more traditional weight training.


Punch Gym -Lakeshore
303 West Pike Creek Road
Tecumseh, Ontario
N8N 2L9
Phone: (519) 979-3238