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                                Holiday Beach Conservation Area – 25-26 June 2011

I grant permission to my son/daughter/ward:____________________________________
Address:_______________________________   Phone:___________________________ 
To attend the cadet activity described below.
Activity: Year End Camp                                        Location: Holiday Beach Conservation Area
Depart: RCL Br. # 261 -  Tecumseh                       Time:1030hrs       Date: 25 June 2011
Return: RCL Br. # 261-  Tecumseh                        Time:1500hrs       Date: 26 June 2011
I understand that the Cadet will be under instruction and/or supervision by members of your staff and all training will be conducted in accordance with the Department of National Defence regulations for Army Cadets.  I also Understand, Officers and Civilian Instructors of 1112 R.C.(Army) C.C. accept no responsibility of injury, accident or property loss unless caused by proven negligence.
Cadets must carry a valid medical card with them and all medication must be turned in to the Adm. Officer, properly labeled, prior to departure.

Date:_____________  Parents Signature:______________________________________
In case of Emergency Phone:____________    or______________  Relationship:________
Health Card No: ______________________  Family Doctor: _______________________
Transportation to Holiday Beach Conservation Area

I ________________________ will/will not be able to drive to and from (circle response) Holiday Beach Conservation Area.  I will be able to take ___ (number) of additional Cadets with me.
My Vehicle ______________ (license no.) is insured with $1,000,000 liability and has enough seat belts for all passengers.
Signature ________________________                      Date _________________


PJ Ryan
Commanding Officer