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1112 RCACC
Commanding Officer’s November Notes

Poppy Sales

Senior Cadets (Red Star and above) will assist the Legion on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Poppy Campaign at the east end Canadian Tire. Cadets will work in pairs for a two and half hour shift. Cadets are to be dropped off and picked up at the store. Wendy Illi from the Legion will meet the Cadets and brief them on their duties. There will be one shift Friday, two on Saturday and one on Sunday. The Sunday shift will be taken by Cadets unable to get a ride to Belle River. Cadets will wear full Uniform with Parka


1112 RCACC will participate in two Parades: Saturday, 6 Nov 10 at Royal Canadian Legion Tecumseh at 10:15 hrs. This Parade will last about and hour. Cadets will be dismissed after the Parade. The Legion will provide a light lunch. Cadets will be dismissed after the Parade. Cadets interested in assisting in Poppy Sales will work at Canadian Tire until 1600 hrs.
 Sunday, 7 Nov 10 at the Belle River Legion at 13:15 hr. (Cadets must get a ride to and from Belle River). The Parade will last about an hour and half and a Reception at the Legion will be held after the Parade. Everyone is welcome including Parents. The Legion will provide a light luncheon for all Cadets and Family members who attend the Parade.
Dress for both Parades is Dress Uniform with tie, Cadet Parka and black gloves - wear layers with the Uniform on the outside. Cadets without a Uniform are asked to wear black pants, black shoes, white or light coloured shirt with tie and a dark coloured jacket suitable for the weather with black gloves.  Cadets are not to purchase these items if they do not have them, this is just a guide. It is more important the Cadet the Parades then have the exact required dress. All Cadets will receive their Uniforms over the next two weeks. We are currently waiting for our supplier to ship us individual pieces.

Star Level Training Weekend-20/21 November 2010

Green and Red Star will be conducting field training at Camp Cedarwin. We will leave the Legion Saturday morning at 0830 hrs and return Sunday at 1430 hrs ( 2:30 pm). Cadets are asked to bring items off the kit list and extra equipment will be available. Cadets are encouraged to bring a flashlight as part of their kit and bring their personal sleeping bag (this will be put inside the issued army sleeping bag). Ensure all Cadets bring warm clothing and dress in layers. Permission forms are being sent home with this form.

PJ Ryan
Commanding Officer