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                                Fort Malden-Amherstburg-War of 1812
20-21 April 2012

I grant permission to my son/daughter/ward:____________________________________
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Cell Phone ________________________________
Doctor’s Name __________________________  Address _________________________
Dr. Phone No. __________________________   OHIP No. _______________________
To attend the cadet activity described below.
Activity: War of 1812                                             Location: Fort Malden - Amherstburg
Depart: Tecumseh Legion -Friday                           Time:3:30 pm       Date: 20 Apr 2012
Return: Tecumseh Legion -Saturday                        Time:1200 pm      Date: 21 Apr 2012
Overnight Program- Transportation to and from Fort Malden will be provided. Cadets will have the opportunity to explore the exhibits in a  world class museum and view the unique objects in the Fort Malden collection that help’s tell the story of how Canada evolved. The program includes a visit of the archaeological remains and remnants of the forts and a candlelight tour through the ditches and defenses after the sun sets. Cadets will partake in a scavenger hunt of the museum, dress up as British soldiers and learn the drill and maneuvers as the soldiers did in the 1830's, and sleep in a restored original 1819 soldier's barracks.
 Civilian clothes with a Unit T-shirt with suitable outer wear, depending on weather. Sleeping bags are required and food will be provided for Supper and Breakfast. If your child is allergic to any food please note it on the form below.
I understand that the Cadet will be under instruction and/or supervision by members of your Staff and all training will be conducted in accordance with the Department of National Defence regulations for Army Cadets.  I also Understand, Officers and Civilian Instructors of 1112 R.C.(Army) C.C. accept no responsibility of injury, accident or property loss unless caused by proven negligence.
Cadets must carry a valid medical card with them.

Date:_____________  Parents Signature:______________________________________
In case of Emergency Phone:____________    or______________  Relationship:________
List Allergies_______________________________
 List Medication__________________________________________________

PJ Ryan

Commanding Officer