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1112 RCACC Weekend Camp Kit List-Cedarwin

Cadets must wear combat (if issued) or suitable pants and shirt. Hiking boots or other sturdy footwear must be worn. Failure to wear appropriate footwear will exclude the cadet from participating in the weekend. NOTE: running shoes are not considered appropriate footwear.

1.1 Personal Items

Cadets must be in possession of a MINIMUM of the following personal items which should be clearly marked with your name:

Underwear 3
T-shirts 3
Towel, bath 1
Face cloth 1
Eyeglasses retaining band 1
Eye glasses - spare 1
Personal hygiene kit 1
Pajamas 1
Clean pants (jeans accepted) 1
Health care card 1
Socks (wool/blend, polypropylene) 4
Tilley Hat/Combat hat 1
Toque, Gloves 1
Combat boots (hiking boots if not issued combat) 1
Long sleeve sweater/sweatshirt 1
Long underwear 1
Combat coat or wind proof jacket 1
Combat shirt 1
Back pack or kit bag 1
Rain suit and water proof boots 1
Flashlight 1
Sleeping Bag (Pillow and blanket optional) 1 ea

1.2 Optional Items

Storage space is limited. be advised that the Crown will not accept responsibility for damaged, lost or stolen personal items. Cadets are cautioned to have their valuables clearly identified and to ensure these valuables are covered under their respective homeowner’s insurance.

The following personal kit may be included:

disposable camera
folding knife (blade not to exceed 4” in length)

1.3 Prohibited Items

The following items will NOT be brought:

junk food of any kind;
non-prescription drugs or alcohol (prescription drugs to be turned in to Staff).