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Year End Camp- 28-29 June 2008

I grant permission to my son/daughter/ward:____________________________________
Address:_______________________________ Phone:___________________________
To attend the cadet activity described below.
Activity: Year End Camp Location: Wheatley Provincial Park-Group Camp Site
Depart: RCL Br. # 261 - Tecumseh Time:1030hrs Date: Friday, 28 June 2008
Return: RCL Br. # 261- Tecumseh Time:1500hrs Date: Sunday, 29 June2008

I understand that the Cadet will be under instruction and/or supervision by members of your staff and all training will be conducted in accordance with the Department of National Defence regulations for Army Cadets. I also understand, Officers and Civilian Instructors of 1112 R.C.(Army) C.C. accept no responsibility of injury, accident or property loss unless caused by proven negligence.
Cadets must carry a valid medical card with them and all medication must be turned in to the Adm. Officer, properly labeled, prior to departure. Cadets are allowed to bring their bicycles to this camp. A trailer will be provided.

Date:_____________ Parents Signature:______________________________________

In case of Emergency Phone:____________ or______________ Relationship:________

Health Card No: ______________________ Family Doctor: _______________________


This is a non-sponsored camp and all cost will be borne by the Cadet Corps. Drivers are required to transport Cadets to and from Wheatley Provincial Park. I ,_______________________ will/will not be able to drive to/from Wheatley Provincial Park. If I drive I will be able to transport ________ passengers. I am insured and carry a minimum of $ 1,000,000.00 Liability.
Signature _________________________ .Name _______________


PJ Ryan
Captain, Commanding Officer, 519-735-3575