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Lt (N) Desnoyers


Lt(N) Desnoyers was born in Cornwall, ON and began cadet at RCSCC STORMONT in 1977. He was also a member of RCSCC SCARBOROUGH for a year while living in there. He returned to Cornwall and progressed through the ranks to become CPO1 in January 1982, and aged out in May of 1983. 

While a cadet, Lt(N) Desnoyers received his gold Duke of Edinburgh award.  He attended HMCS QUEBEC, HMCS MICMAC, completed his Practical Leadership at HMCS ACADIA and worked as staff the following year.  He also had the opportunity to sail on the HMCS PRESERVER to Puerto Rico and was part of HMCS QUADRA’s staff cadets in 1982. 

Lt(N) Desnoyers enrolled with the Stormont Dundas and Glengarry Highlander Infantry in April of 1981 until February of 1984. He attained the rank of Corporal specializing as a Small Arms Coach.  Upon completing High School in Cornwall he moved to Mississauga to work as a short order cook.  He enrolled at Centennial College in 1984 as Motor Vehicle Mechanic and started his apprenticeship, later moving to Ottawa in 1986 to continue training and working towards a trade certificate as a Class A Motor Vehicle Technician, which he received in February of 1988.

While living in Ottawa, Lt(N) Desnoyers became enrolled as an officer with #2 Sailing Centre (RCSS) in 1988, and volunteered with RCSCC FALKLAND.  He later transferred to FALKLAND for a couple of years as their Supply Officer and received his commission in May of 1990.  That summer he completed his training to become a PADI Divemaster.  During his time with Ottawa he worked in various departments with the unit while taking over command of #2 RCSS in 1992 until moving to Windsor in 1997.  Throughout his career, he has been an expert marksman and has coached .22 and air rifle teams, with the highlight being the Canadian Forces Small Arms Competition at Connaught Ranges in 1992.

Lt(N) Desnoyers returned to school in 1994 to pursue a career in teaching.  He attended Queen’s University’s Technological Education.  He returned to Ottawa to teach at Woodroff High school for two years before moving to Windsor with his family in 1997.  Lt(N) Desnoyers currently teaches in the Technological Department at Belle River District High School.   Some of the courses that he taught include Transportation, Construction, Design and Manufacturing.  His extracurricular sports interest was coaching the Boy’s Soccer teams from 2000-2006 at Belle River District High School, downhill skiing and SCUBA as a PADI Divemaster.

Since becoming a teacher, Lt(N) Desnoyers has attended HMCS QUADRA running specialty courses such as the Shipwright and Marine Engineering Course Officer.  Lt(N) Desnoyers has also work at HMCS Ontario, CSTC Blackdown.  While in Windsor Lt(N) Desnoyers worked with both #6 Sailing Center and 2861 Army cadets, before becoming the Executive Officer and then the Commanding Officer of AGAMEMNON. He completed his three year tenure as one of the Regional Cadet Advisors for RCSU(C) WOA in 2013.

Lt(N) Desnoyers is married to Lisa (Nee McMaster) of Agamemnon and has three children Abigail, Madelaine, and Philip.