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Upcoming Events

Thursday, 10 Dec 09 – Physical Fitness-Self Defense at the Legion: Cadets interested in taking a class on self-defense are to meet at the Legion for 1800 hrs dress in suitable civilian clothing with running shoes. The class will last an hour and half and be available for pickup at 1930 hrs.

Tuesday, 15 Dec 09 – Annual Christmas Party: Cadets are to meet at the MacDonald’s on Tecumseh Road near Lauzon, at 1800 hrs for supper. We will walk to the Family Fun Centre (1665 Lauzon Road) for the rest of the evening. Cadets are to wear civilian clothing and bring spending money for extra games. The Corps will purchase supper and two games at the Fun Centre. Cadets are to be picked up by 2100 hrs.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010 – CO’s Parade: First parade night of the New Year. Cadets in full uniform including tie. Summer Camp Forms handed out for Parent's signature.