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The Royal Canadian Army Cades Symbol/ The Windsor Regiment Badge

1112 The Windsor Regiment

Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (RCACC) Tecumseh


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1112 RCACC Picture


History of the Corps

Number 1112 W.D. Lowe Technical School Cadet Corps was formed on December 29,1923 and was sponsored by The Windsor Board of Education and affiliated with the Windsor Regiment (22nd Armoured Regiment). The Corps changed it's name over the years; Windsor-Walkerville Technical School Cadet Battalion, W.D. Lowe Vocational School Cadet Corps and The Windsor Regiment (RCAC) Cadet Corps. In 1984, Ambassador Branch 143, Royal Canadian Legion became a co-sponsor.

In 1985, 1112 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps was amalgamated with 2828 RCACC (Riverside) and its Flag was retired. The combined Corps paraded out of the Major. F. A. Tilston VC, CD Armouries in downtown Windsor.

The number 1112 was gone, but not forgotten. At the instigation of Branch 261 Royal Canadian Legion, Tecumseh, in 1990, the number 1112 was resurrected and given to this new Corps.

To Command this new Army Cadet Corps, the services of [then] CWO R. Embury of The Windsor Regiment were enlisted and CWO Embury became Captain Embury, [1st] Commanding Officer, 1112 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps (Tecumseh). Upon completion of his tenure as Commanding Officer in 1994, Captain Embury turned over command to Captain J. McAree. One year later, Captain McAree turned over Command to Captain D. Schatz. Four years later, Command of this Corps was turned over to Captain J. Bennett. In January of 2002, as a result of the death of Captain Bennett, Captain Schatz was called back out of retirement to again Command this Corps. Captain AJ. Langlois, CD then became the fifth Commanding Officer of new 1112 RCACC, in 2003. On 19 February 2008, Captain PJ Ryan, CD took command of the Corps. Captain Ryan served a for six years as the CO and turned over Command to Lieutenant (Navy) JMR Desnoyers CD on 10 June 2014.

During the years, the Cadets of 1112 RCACC have participated in a myriad of activities, ranging from shooting, Cadet Challenge (Skill-At-Arms) competitions, First Aid, Cold Weather indoctrination, Orienteering, and canoe training as well as many Corps sponsored events. This Corps' Cadets have managed to take the championship not once, but twice at the area Cadet Challenge (Skill-At-Arms) and in 2001, added a third place medal. 1112 RCACC have placed third in the WOA Drill Competition, second in the WOA small-bore competition, and first in the WOA Air Rifle Competition beating all other competing Corps in Essex County in all of these events.


Cadet Honour Code

"I resolve, as a member of the Royal Canadian Army Cadets, that I shall aspire to become a citizen of the highest integrity in my community. I shall strive for success in my studies, to be considerate of all persons and their property, and to achieve the highest physical, mental, spiritual and moral standards as a Citizen of Canada."