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Summer Camps 2011

Transportation Orders - Transportation Form

Staff Cadets to Borden - 3 Jul 11 @ Devonshire Mall 0735 hrs


Attending a Cadet Summer Training Centre (CSTC) is most young Canadians’ first exposure to the fairly regimented, day-to-day lifestyle of a Canadian Forces Base. It is both an honour and a challenge. The honour lies in being selected for training. It is a significant accomplishment for a young cadet to demonstrate the leadership qualities, potential and determination necessary to be considered for further training. The challenge lies in recognizing the opportunity, meeting the standards and advancing one’s personal development.

What is a CSTC?
A CSTC is a portion of a Canadian military establishment designated specifically for training sea, army and air cadets. It is not “boot camp” but it is not a summer camp in the general sense either. It is more like summer school with attitude: a concentrated stream of programmed learning opportunities, training experiences and fun activities designed to prepare young people for increased responsibility and further advancement at their home corps and squadrons.

What are Joining Instructions?
In the military world, training bases and establishments prepare a document containing all of the information trainees will need to know in getting ready to “join” the other people taking the same course or going to the same training establishment. That document is called “Joining Instructions”. These are not instructions on how to join the Canadian Cadet Organizations. That information is available through the “To Join” navigation button on the website.
Visits and Leave: What's the Difference?
For the cadets' protection, and parents' peace of mind, the CSTC system maintains a tightly documented chain-of-custody policy. Cadets are not permitted to leave CSTC premises without either adult supervision by competent authority or parents' specific written permission. During their courses, cadets are allowed to depart the CSTC for short durations with their parents, or an adult identified by the parent as holding parental consent. This is known as "Leave".
If parents wish to visit their cadets during training and remain within the CSTC premises, this constitutes a "Visit". CSTC staff will make every reasonable effort to accommodate visits or leave outside of training hours. We do ask, however, that parents recognize the necessity for maintaining continuity of cadets' training and refrain from making requests that would conflict with training routines.
It is vital that you read the Joining Instructions in full, well in advance of your cadet’s departure date. You will find the main document, an annex incorporating forms and checklists to help make preparation a little easier, and an additional annex for each of the CSTCs. You must read the specific annex that applies to the CSTC your son or daughter will be attending in addition to the main document.

Cadets are to ensure they bring the required clothing and equipment.
Cadets who require medication on ongoing bases take note of Joining Instructions for that camp .
If a Cadet is unable to attend Camp, please contact me as soon as possible in order that another Cadet can attend.
Cadets who decide that they do not want to stay for the duration of the Camp will require their Parents to pick them up

Traveling to Camp Cadets must:

a. travel in uniform (jacket and tie not required), failure to meet this requirement will result in boarding being denied.

b. show health card to the bus Escort Officer when boarding, the only exception will be if he/she has an official receipt for a new or replacement card.

c. pass a completed copy of the Cadet Transportation Form to the bus Escort Officer when boarding. This form is used in planning return buses.

d. appear on the nominal roll. Any exceptions must be approved Detachment in London.

e. be at the pick up location 30 min prior to the bus departure time.

Joining Instructions-Web Pages

Staff Cadets

Borden/Connaught Course Cadets

Forms for Summer Camp



PJ Ryan
Commanding Officer